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“Every empty bottle of wine is filled with stories.”

-Someone Brilliant

My name is Lala. I love my job, I love wine, I mean, I LOVEEE wine, I have two degrees, and I am grammatically incorrect. Oh, yes, and I use swear words. Disclaimer!

From 2016 to 2017, I sat in a small, air-deprived cubical typing up hospital claims, had just graduated from graduate school, and wondering how my life became so damn basic and down-right miserable not because I came from a broken home, or because I grew up less-fortunate, or on drugs, or an alcoholic (some may argue the alcoholic part). My life was miserable because I absolutely hated my job. I mean, I am with the company I always wanted to work for, the pay is great, but spiritually, emotionally, and physically I was miserable.

Then it happened, my palms became sweaty, my vision became blurry, my heart was pounding and my body felt as if I was going to die, right then and there. In fact, I was convinced, I dropped to the ground, holding my heart and panting “I am dying, Lord forgive me for my sins!” in front of the entire office. This changed my life. Once I was told that I was having a panic attack by the medics, I began to live a life of complete and debilitating fear. I feared everything, the fear of death, the fear of the unknown, the fear of my own shadow! Legit, I was scared of my own SHADOW.

Numerous panic attacks, multiple trips to the emergency room, and a handful of therapy sessions later…

I now live life with purpose. It only took a whole flipping year, but would I change it? Hell yes, I would!  The journey of my purpose started 6-months ago in October 2017 – It is when I was blessed with a career that no one else would have the balls to take, hell, I did not even think that I could pull it off. I prayed, I spoke to my therapist, I stood in the mirror and spoke to myself and then, I challenged myself to look fear in the face and find life where others faced death. A persons journey to death has become my journey to life.

I hope this blog helps the feared become fearless, the weak to become strong, to turn the sorrow into laughter, to turn tears into smiles. I hope you ‘get it’ and if not, well at least I hope you understand the true importance of living. Oh, and I hope you learn about and enjoy some great wine along the way!

With love & wine,


P.S. I am still learning my damn self.

Lala resides in California and is a Patient Care Coordinator.

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